Well, we made it to  30! As of last February we are part of Templar/Bonnier, so not proudly independent any more, but proudly part of the Bonnier family, which gives us a lot  more va-va voom.

So the thought is that for the blog I would give everyone a little trip down memory lane.  This blog post is the early years.  Starting out in the spare bedroom of the family house, below is the announcement in The Bookseller.And here is the hairdo which I think was trying to copy Joanna Lumley’s at the time.

One of the things I remember is getting a filing cabinet and having nothing to file.  It was a bit of a shock. However, I was lucky I had been working on some projects which I was able to buy from the publisher who had taken over the company I was working for. So MIG THE PIG by Colin and Jacqui Hawkins was our first title. I am very proud of the fact that it stayed in print for years and years. Other publishers bought it and kept the whole series of introducing reading through the vowel sounds going right up until very recently.

As always going to Bologna was the highlights of the year. Lea (Frank) Garton joined me selling the rights in 1984 and here we are at one of our first Bolognas.

From my house to a doctor’s surgery in Golders Green, and then Swiss Cottage, and in 1989, Castle Road – we grew a little and moved. The list had done very well in the first five years, largely due to the co editions we did with the USA. America practically bought a picture book on the first few roughs. Piccadilly was still mainly a hardback house in those days selling the paperback rights to the corporations who had the muscle to move into the mass market. By the beginning of the nineties though, the boom years were over and our print runs moved slowly down from 4000 in hardback to 2000.

Here's Lea in our new offices in Castle Road

And here's Maggie Moran who was about to leave us for Ireland and me

What the photos are not showing are the pails for water. When it rained the roof leaked, so we had strategically placed bowls all around the office. The whole building was being renovated and another floor was being added. This took about a year and we kept moving from one floor to another as work took place.

At the beginning of the nineties publishing felt a lot tougher than it had been, but we all had electric typewriters (see Lea’s in the photo) and a fax and the list of books and authors and illustrators was building! It was exciting and fun – even sharing our first computer.

Part 2 will be about the middle years coming next week!









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Hello Again!

Well, it has been some time since I posted. Frankfurt, a trip to New York and then the myriad of things to catch up on.  So new news, and then some older news.

CRACKS has a terrific review on BBC 4′s Open Book on Sunday from Amanda Craig praising it as absolutely fabulous with a Matrix like premise. We are reprinting as a result.

'absolutely wonderful' Amanda Craig

CRACKS and SILENCED  are on the Leeds Book Award shortlist.

Shortlisted again

IRRESISTIBLE (Kindle edition is out on Dec.6th) and a second book by the wonderful Liz Bankes has been sold to Bloomsbury as a two book deal for a very good sum.

And the story is totally irresistible too!

And last, but not least, below is a photo of us celebrating with Adele Geras as she signed copies of her warm, loving, highly acclaimed  IT’S TIME FOR BED. The perfect Xmas gift!

Adele with from left Michaela Mc Gorty, Colleen McMorran, GBS and me with the prosecco




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Every Publisher’s Dream

I don’t know why this made me so happy, but as I was getting out of the tube this morning I spied a trendy man in his twenties reading what looked like our very recently published NEPTUNE’S TEARS. It couldn’t be I thought. I hurried to catch up and YES it was. I followed him and planned to tap him on the shoulder, but he was too quick and the lights changed. But the very best bit is that he was reading it every chance he got. The fact that he worked in the building of another publisher – exactly where I was headed – didn’t diminish my joy. Now I know how best selling authors must feel. It was lovely.

Read or download it for yourself. You’ll be as enchanted as the young man on the tube.

A debut novel full of romance and charm. Julia Eccelshare

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Casting Call for NEPTUNE’S TEARS

Well, copies of this book have finally arrived to great excitement in the office. It looks dazzling and we are just sorry you can’t see how beautifully sparkly this cover is. Also google it for some fab reviews, and of course you can buy it on amazon.

"If you read nothing else this year grab yourself a copy . . .wonderful"

Now with everyone so excited about our star crossed lovers Zee and David, we are picking the stars to play them in the film. Vote for your favourite by going onto the facebook page for the author, Susan Waggoner.  So for


Bonnie Wright








Emma Stone
















And for DAVID

Sam Worthington









Ryan Gosling









Robert Pattinson - he needs distracting








We look forward to your votes on Susan Waggoner’s facebook page.

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Now who is this?

Sometimes the characters that authors create bear very close resemblance to themselves. In a recent package from Arthur Robins we got this illustration:

Her name is Liz Vicious, who is she really?

Follow us on twitter @piccadillypress to find out how to win the latest book from our dynamic duo.

Out at the end of September


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How To Feel Like Usain Bolt

Today with no effort on our part Piccadilly feels like they have just got the gold for the 200 metres. Arthur Robin’s artwork arrived for the next Downtown Dinosaur. The illustrations are wonderful, so much fun, and really bring DINOSAURS IN DISGUISE to life:

Published in October order your copy now

The first title has sold nearly 10,000 copies since March and of course is very appropriate for this Olympic month:

Madcap and hilarious

The illustrations are so fabulous that one of the resident Piccadilly cats even tried to get into the plastic covering. I think Arthur may have some dogs living with him. And also we need to add that he is a double star as he had a tight deadline for someone else and has produced this first batch in super quick time!  Bravo Arthur.

Isla Whitcroft whose new book, THE VIPER’S NEST, has just been published did a really successful event at Waterstone’s in Northamptonshire at the weekend. Check it out below:


We love Cate Carlisle and in this story she is in Los Angeles uncovering smugglers of priceless Mexican relics, and mixing with pop stars and attending glitzy parties. What’s not to love!

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We Are Chuffed

Here is a blog I started last week, thought I had lost it,  and then found it today!

Yesterday’s (July 22nd) Independent on Sunday had reviews by Susan Elkin and out of the 11 books chosen Piccadilly had 3. High marks for all the titles: CRACKS by Caroline Green, SILENCED by Simon Packham, and WHATEVER LOVE IS  by Rose Rushton. Read the full text of the reviews here: http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/features/dystopia-war-and-spies–just-for-those-tough-teenage-years-7964069.html

Out and about in the last week or so was Jeanne Willis in Somerset :

Tackling Flint Beastwood

Jeanne manages to look super glam wherever she is.

And Isla Whitcroft celebrating the third in the Cate Carlisle series -VIPER’S NEST with a writing workshop in Waterstones.

Everyone is working so hard

All very successful with everyone clamouring for more!

And this week we thinking we should rest on Danny Boyle’s laurels. Piccadilly LOVED the opening ceremony, though we thought Elton John should have had a part. Where was he?




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Before The Olympics and After The Parties and a Sneak Preview

A busy week last week so finally getting up some photos from the CBC party

Natasha, Vivien and Margot

Brenda, Klaus - Andersen Press, Judith Elliott - formerly Orion

And now that the tennis is over we can really concentrate on the Olympics and all the disruption. We have 3 bicycle riders who are hoping not to be affected. A number of train commuters (but not every day) and several bus users. So we will monitor our progress as the capital waits for the influx. We are planning normal activities and we are hoping to come out of it unscathed. In the meantime, we are all re-reading the best book on the Olympics ever!!

And now have a look at the author who can turn a Genie into a Clown.

Yes, it is the indefatigable Ciaran Murtagh already for one of his new roles on CBBC Dick and Dom Hoopla. Coming soon . . .

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Parties and Festival of Stories

Well, the summer (?) season has begun in earnest, with not one, but two major parties last night. Both 50th Birthdays. The Children’s Book Circle had a celebration at The Union and Piccadilly Press ladies slipped into their finery to glitter and party. Publisher and MD, Brenda Gardner, had to shoot off after an hour to the IPG party in The Fishmongers Hall. A grand place for the 400 or so guests. More prosecco, and more 50th celebrations, but very sad to miss a very funny speech by John Crace in the dash between venues.

This weekend we have two authors celebrating the Festival of Stories at the Granary in King’s Cross:

Ros Asquith

and Ciaran Murtagh

Looks like a fun event and it is all free. Get yourself down there!



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Lighting The Future Conference – SLA & YLG

Ros Asquith and Jeanne Willis gave a sparkling performance at a breakfast meeting at last weekend’s conference. An early start did not dim their glamour and humour as both of them presented their books and told a bit about the inside of their working lives to a packed session.

Ros, Jeanne, Brenda Gardner Publisher & MD, Karen Robinson YLG committee

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