Charlie and Me

Mark Lowery

"How far would you go to say goodbye? Nominated for the CILIP CARNEGIE MEDAL 2019. "

Nominated for the CILIP CARNEGIE MEDAL 2019.

'A marvellous novel, by turns funny and sad …. an empathetic story of kindness and loss' The Sunday Times

'I LOVED this book. Funny, sad and beautifully written' Lisa Thompson, author of THE GOLDFISH BOY

'Funny, tender, sad and huge of heart' Phil Earle, author of DEMOLITION DAD

'Mark Lowery is an exciting new voice in children's fiction' Elen Caldecott, author of HOW KIRSTY JENKINS STOLE THE ELEPHANT

Thirteen-year-old Martin and his younger brother Charlie are on a very special journey. They're going to be travelling 421 miles all the way from Preston to the very tip of Cornwall. They're hoping to catch a glimpse of the dolphin that regularly visits the harbour there. But is that the only reason they are going?

It's a journey that's full of challenges and surprises. Martin adores his brother Charlie but he's not like ordinary kids. He's one in a million. He was born far too early, and ought to have died. And cheeky, irrepressible, utterly unique Charlie is always keeping Martin on his toes – especially on this crazy trip they are now on. Martin is doing his best to be a good big brother, but it's hard when there's something so huge coming once they get to Cornwall …

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Publication Date: 11/01/2018
ISBN Ebook: 9781848126626
ISBN Paperback: 5516

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About Mark Lowery

Mark Lowery grew up in Preston but now lives near Cambridge with his young family. Some of the time he is a primary school teacher. In the olden days he used to spend his time doing lots of active stuff like running, hiking, snowboarding and swimming but now he prefers staying in and attempting to entertain his children. He plays the guitar badly and speaks appalling Italian but he knows a lot about biscuits. In his mind he is one of the great footballers of his generation, although he is yet to demonstrate this on an actual football pitch. He has an MA in Writing for Children and his first two books - Socks Are Not Enough and Pants Are Everything - were both short-listed for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize. Mark is also the author of the Roman Garstang series (The Jam Doughnut that Ruined my Life; The Chicken Nugget Ambush; The Attack of the Woolly Jumper). He is yet to find a cake that he doesn't like. Follow Mark on or on Twitter: @hellomarklowery