The Stig Drives Again

Jon Claydon Tim Lawler

"The second in a fast-paced, funny series featuring The Stig: Top Gear's legendary racing driver"

'The action rattles along at a rate of knots with twists and turns at every corner … At sight of the book, I had a queue of boys in my class wanting to borrow it' READING ZONE on THE STIG PLAYS A DANGEROUS GAME

An enigmatic racing driver. A bunch of kids. One hell of a ride …

The Stig's one known nemesis, the evil villain PT Cruiser, is dying, his plan for global domination in pieces. And The Stig is missing, presumed dead. But rumour has it that he is in a dusty hick town in the USA, racing again and winning every time, no matter how beaten up the car.

So begins another adventure for the gang: Sam Wheeler, Ford Harrison, Buster Mustang and Cabriola Cruiser. The friends head out to the USA in search of The Stig, to try to unlock the mystery of the helmeted hero. Sam and Ford embark on a road trip across the country in a massive Winnebago. Buster scopes out the desert towns with his trusty sidekick TG Dog. And Cabriola finds herself in a mountaintop eyrie, with a new wicked family member to contend with … The gang soon find that PT Cruiser is still hellbent on eliminating The Stig, no matter what. And his evil reach extends beyond his sick bed with a new piece of evil tech for the gang to thwart …

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Publication Date: 23/08/2018
ISBN Ebook: 9781848126442
ISBN Paperback: 5947