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Letters From An Alien Schoolboy:
Galactic Poodle

More intergalactic madness . . .

Keith, King of Threggs, spinach finder general and lord of the loonyverse, is ready to attack Earth with some very nasty baddies and an evil Thing called Mandy.

Can Flowkwee, in his schoolboy disguise, save Earth for a third time?

If you don’t care, throw this book away. And never learn the significance of the Galactic Poodle.


'With amusing illustrations, shrewd observation of human beahviour, and alien neologisms, it's enough to drive you bootglarked with laughter.'
The Sunday Times

Age Group: 8 plus / Extent: 192 pages / Format: 198 x 129 mm / ISBN: 978 1 84812 246 8 (pb) / Price: £5.99


Titles by Ros Asquith

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