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Guide To Life

Mates, Dates
Guide To Life

What happens when Lucy, Nesta, Izzie and TJ get together and start talking?

They come up with all sorts of solutions to life's little problems and some of the bigger ones as well!

Boys for a start – what they want, where to find them, how to be a great snogger – everything you really need to know. And Tony and the others add their thoughts as well. There are health, fashion and beauty tips – from surviving any situation to Izzie's relaxation and what astrology can tell you. TJ's mum even gives some very important medical advice.

This is a MUST-have book for all Mates, Dates fans.


Age Group: 11 plus / Extent: 160 pages / Format: 198 x 129 mm / ISBN: 978 1 85340 978 3 (pb) / Price: £5.99
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