Mates, Dates &
Portobello Princesses

Nesta is confident and fearless. She wins people over easily with her model girl looks, charisma and charm.

She's also met the perfect boy: good-looking, fun, sweet. But there are problems too. Simon's from a rich, upper-class background – with a lifestyle to match – and it's difficult for Nesta to keep up. And there's Simon's friend Cressida. The ice queen. The Portobello Princess.

Not one to give in, Nesta determines to impress the new crowd, but finds herself out of her depth. Luckily she has Lucy and Izzie to help her reassess what really matters.

The third book in the highly successful Mates, Dates series.

'Sharply-written teenage fiction.'
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Age Group: 10 plus / Extent: 160 pages / Format: 198 x 129 mm /
ISBN: 978 1 84812 408 0 (pb) / Price: £6.
ISBN: 978 1 84812 264 2 (eb)
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