Mates, Dates Personality Quiz

Which of the fabulous Mates, Dates girls are you most like?
Lovely Lucy? Flirty Nesta? Wise Izzie? Or Sassy TJ?

Answer our revealing questions to find out!

1. Which subject do you prefer at school?

2. You find a £20 note on the street. There’s no one around.
What do you do with it?

Save it – you never know when the extra cash might come in handy


3. If you could have any pet, what would it be?


4. Buff boy at one o’clock! You’re looking at him when he meets your gaze. Do you:


5. Buff boy has come over to you and said hi! What next?

You reply ‘Umphglagarghhhi’, or similar gibberish

You say hi back, and soon are lost in easy conversation.

You grin inanely, wishing you could think of something cool to say.


6. What’s your favourite sleepover food?

Nettuno pizza with extra cheese


7. It’s the end of term party. What do you wear?

Strappy top and jeans


8. What colour do you like best?




9. Which would you most like to be in later life?

An author


10. When it comes to first impressions, what do you look for in a boy?

Common interests





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