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Bella Donna
by Ruth Symes
A magical, heart-warming series.

Bella Donna is a witchling
– a little trainee witch.
Adopted by Lillith,
she lives on the
amazing Coven Road,
enjoying flights on her broomstick,
meeting magical creatures
and learning all sorts of fun spells.

But she must keep her
witchling life a secret
from her friends at school
– and it's not always easy!

Buttercup Magic
by Abi Burlingham

A new house,
some very special pets,
and a whole lot of
magic and mystery
await Megan...

Captain Valiant and Me
by Adam Britten


Join a new family
of superheroes
as they battle to overcome
devious plots,
evil villains and
domestic dramas!

by Ciaran Murtagh


Stone-age laughs with
cave-boy Charlie,
his bonkers inventions
and dino-adventures!

Downtown Dinosaurs
by Jeanne Willis


Discover zany dinosaurs
and prehistoric perils
in this
side-splitting series!

Illustrated throughout.

Don't Pick On Me
by Rosemary Stones

practical advice
on dealing
with bullying.

by Kathryn Lamb


Evie and Lola discover
it's not always
easy being green,
but they are always
determined to find a
way to help the
planet somehow!

Genie Academy
by Ciaran Murtagh


Packed full of laughter and fun!
Join Jamie on his
manic adventures at
the Genie Academy
where deadly snakes,
terrifying carpet races
and incredible wishes
happen every day!


The Ghastly McNastys
by Lyn Gardner
& Ros Asquith


The nastiest pirates
ever to sail the seven seas
meet their match
when pitched against two
children in these hilarious


by Amanda Lees

Kumari is the princess of a
Hidden Kingdom,
but has a love of
the modern world!
Can she develop her powers
and bring balance to
the Kingdom . . .
and her heart?

My Best Pony Book
by Jay Sanders

Get the low-down on
owning your own pony
in this gorgeous
scrapbook-style book.

Nominated for the
Roald Dahl Funny Prize!

Join alien Flowkwee as
he learns the weird ways of Earthlings and defends the
planet from the meanest
aliens in the Loonyverse!


Alfie and his friends live
in Victorian London,
struggling to survive on the streets –
but when crimes are commited,
they're the ones who
can spot the clues,
trail the suspects
and solve the murder mysteries!

by Judy Brown

Meet Archie the cat, Flo the bird
and Sparky the mouse –
pets with a difference . . .
they are robots!

Inventive, illustratde adventures with the pets and their new
school children owners!

A Pig Called Heather
by Harry Oulton

Heather's a pig who challenges
the odds. When she's separated from her best friend, a little girl named Isla, she doesn't even let dangers and distance keep
them apart . . .

Funny and sweet animal adventures!


Princess Katie discovers
a box of abandoned kittens
in the woods, and takes them
home to Starlight Palace.

How will she cope
with being a princess
and looking
after all her
mischeivous kittens?!



Sand Dancers
by Lynda Waterhouse

Dancing, friendships
and magic is at the heart
of these books, set at
a fairy dance school.


Schoolboy supersleuth
Saxby Smart
reveals the stories
of the most devious
cases he's solved –
and gives you
the opportunity to
crack them too!

Discover an amazing, secret place
where mythical creatures can be safe
in our world . . . and imagine
trying to look after them!

Illustrated throughout by Sarah Jennings.


Joe discovers his parents
are really spies – and they
are in trouble!
It means going undercover
with cool gadgets
and a new identity. . .
but also that Joe
must pretend to be a girl!

The Stolen City
by Tom Eglington

Bethany is pulled into
a bizarre world of
leprecauns and demons

– all with an interest
in the human world,
just not in a good way . . .

Super Soccer Boy

by Judy Brown


A freak lightning bolt
transforms Harry Gribble
(who can't even dribble
a football) into
Super Soccer Boy!

And it's just as well –
Harry's going to need
all his top footie skills
in order to defeat
all the menaces
that he uncovers!


by TM Alexander


Tribe is made up of
five friends – Tribers –
who are there for each other
every step of the way
through the many
problems and adventures
they all share!

The Unexplained
by Terrance Dicks

Spooky disappearances
and sinister curses
seem in play as Matt
investigates a murder in
modern Egypt...
but is there more going on
than meets the eye?

We're Having a Party
by Various Authors

Perfect bedtime reading
from seven top
children's authors:
Helen Cresswell, Anne Fine,
Jan Mark, Hilary McKay
Susan Price, Robert Swindells,
Jacqueline Wilson.

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