Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish

The bestselling parenting experts provide practical, step-by-step solutions, as well as warmth
and understanding, to a wide range of potential parenting problems.


3 million copies

Best Parenting Book

A firm parenting favourite
to get family problems



A handbook and CD
package for quick
reference –
perfect for parents
on the go!



Looking at the often
turbulent teenage years,
Faber and Mazlish apply their methods and ideas
to helping teenagers
communicate – and
respect parents.



Faber and Mazlish
challenge the acceptance
of sibling rivalry to
show how siblings
can be friends, and
how parents can
help encourage it.



Creating harmony
in the home, this guide
reveals how to promote a feeling of freedom for the whole family, and bring
each other closer.



Helping children love
learning and cope with
schoolwork is a job for
inside and outside the
classroom – essential
reading for parents
and teachers!



Compelling advice on understanding
and encouraging
friendships among

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