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Spindle loves his
jumper, and doesn't
want a new one
that fits him better.
It takes some
wisdom from Grandma
to help him find a
new best jumper.



A little mouse misses
his hedgehog friend
during the winter, so
keeps a beautiful
woodland diary
to share the
delights of the season.


Boris and Dog

Lynne Garner

Bad Manners, Benjie!

Boris and Dog
have a troll's view
on manners –
a hilarious way to explore them
with young children!


Nudge loves copying
his big brohter Conker,
but sometimes
Conkerfinds it just
too annoying!
But it's Nudge who
saves the day by
acting as brave as his
big brother!

Annika is a
panicker – despite
the advice her family
gives her. When she
is locked inside
the house,
it's Annika's
clear thinking that
solves the problem!



When the zebra herd
must go on a
journey, Gus can't
cope with how
long it takes!
But with a little help,
the journey becomes
more fun...



Tony Maddox

Join Fergus
the patch-eyed
pup on his


Lorna Freytag

My Humongous Hamster

A little boy imagines
just what might
happen if his
hamster grew and grew...
and GREW!


Time doesn't
pass quickly enough
for this little rabbit
who just can't wait
for his birthday
to come!

A beautiful lullaby
helps Little Hare,
and the creatures
and toys around
him drift off to sleep.


When all the jungle
animals complain about
how they look, Lion organises a big swap –
but will the mad
combinations make
them happier?

A little boy is told to
offer the last cookie
to everyone, so he offers
it to all sorts of people, including an alien . . .
who wants to eat him!


Little Croc

Tony Maddox

Little Croc learns
to play nicely
with the other
jungle animals.

Little Rex
Ruth Symes

The cutest
protects his
little brothers
and sister,
and teaches
them to roar!

The nest seems just
too small, and so
the Littlest Bird finds
one with just one egg...
but when it hatches,
there's a very large,
scaley problem...


Ruby and Grub
Abi Burlingham


Join Ruby and
her mucky pup
Grub as they
get new neighbours!



Two naughty
ladies have to
leave their bad
habits behind
when they
suddenly become

A little meerkat
just doesn't see
why everyone makes
such a fuss of the
new baby . . .
until they spend
some time with him