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21st Century

Rosie Rushton


Parties, gossip,
strong heroines . . .

Imagine if Jane Austen's
classic stories
happened in the 21st Century!


Alice in Time
Penelope Bush

A freak accident takes
teenage Alice back into
her seven-year-old body.
Can she change
her future?
Or might there be
something she never
saw before about
the past?



Tab is determined to
be part of in-crowd, and
the coolest girl in her
new school – whatever
it takes!


The Bex Factor
Simon Packham

Realities collide when
reclusive Matt gets on
The Tingle Factor,
and pop star wannabe
Bex agrees to look
after his family.

Wry, funny and


Camden Town Tales
Hilary Freeman


Experience amazing
Camden Town through the lives
of three teenage girls.

From stalking celebs to
home truths and falling for
an exhange boy, there's something
everyone can relate to.



Packed full danger and glamour!
Yauts, celebrity parties,
LA, an eco-paradise . . .
everything has it's shady side,
and it's up to quick-witted Cate
to end the evil schemes,
if she can survive that long.


Cinnamon girl

by Cathy Hopkins


India Jane's trying to figure out
exactly who she is, and what
she wants in life – and it's not
easy when everything feels like it's always changing around you.

Counting By 7s
Holly Goldberg Sloan

When young genius Willow
finds herself alone in the
world, she discovers how
profoundly one person
can affect everyone
around them.

/ Fragments
Caroline Green

Cal's everyday life cracks apart
to reveal a reality he can
barely believe.

Kyla found Cal, but is only just surviving a world where a deal with the devil might save her,
but put an end to freedom.

Gripping futuristic thrillers.

Dark Ride
Caroline Green

A mysterious boy,
an abandoned fairground –
an award-winning
ghost story of
first love.


Two sisters and their
brother risk being
split up – and run away
to stay together.

A gripping,
heartfelt adventure.


When her mum
wins the lottery,
Charlotte's determined
it won't change her.
But she doesn't
count on how the
people around her
will react.

Fifty Fifty
S L Powell

Is one life worth
more than another?
When Gil meets a
passionate animal rights activist, he's faced with a dilemma that goes right
to the heart of
his own identity.


Simon Packham
A family scandal
becomes the least
of Jess's worries
when she's forced to
live on a remote,
island. But even there,
dark secrets cannot
remain hidden for long.


Tracy Alexander
Dan can't remember
exactly when he started hacking, but is eager for
the new challange
mysterious Angel offers
him. But what's going to
be done with the resulting
code – is it fun, or
something more sinister?

Heartbeat Away
Laura Summers
After a heart transplant,
Becky gets a new
lease of life – but is she
brave enough to embrace
all it offers, and find out
why she starts reliving
memories she's never

Hold Your Breath
Caroline Green

A strange gift of
finding missing things
has brought Tara nothing
but trouble – but now it's
on a whole new level.
brings unexpected

An enticing and
exciting teen adventure.


Sam lives on the borders
of society and when he
meets Emily,everything changes. Part love story,
part adventure, these are
heart-rending stories of
destiny and the power of
human connections.

Liz Bankes

A steamy romance
for YA readers.
Mia can't help falling
for rich, gorgeous Jamie,
but he's only interested
in toying with
people's lives.


Jeffrey Salane
In a school for criminal
masterminds, M learns
every trick for
cons and trailing . . .
but when it comes
to discovering secrets
and pulling of the heist
of the century,
who can she trust?

Hilary Freeman
Shoplifting gives
Robyn a buzz like
no other – everything she
steals, she donates to
charity, and blogs about.
Can she stop before
she is caught?


Life, Interrupted
Damian Kelleher
Luke and his brother's
lives are turned upside
down when their mum
collapses one day.

Honest, funny and deeply moving, this is a story
about facing the worst
and surviving.


Makeeda and Friends
Sophia Acheampong

Makeeda's modern
London life is complicated and enriched by her Ghanaian
heritage. Will she always
feel pulled in two



Mates, Dates

Cathy Hopkins

The bestselling series –
four friends, teen life and a whole lot of fun!

Me Myself Milly
Penelope Bush
Milly has always lived
in her twin Lily's shadow,
but ever since
The Incident, all sorts of secrets have been
struggling to get free...


A gripping, extraordinary
story of first love,
during in the Second
World War.


of Teen

Various Authors
A whole host
of top stories from the
most popular authors
for teens today!


Kate le Vann
Rain Lindsay spends her
first summer away from
home with her grandmother
in London, and discovers
startling secrets about
her dead mother...


Shades of Love
Various Authors
Three heart-wrenching
love stories in
one volume – perfect
for romantics!


Simon Packham
Since his best friend was killed in a car crash, Chris has suffered from selective mutism. A new friend finds other ways for him to cope with his grief, but can he
find his voice before things get out of hand?


Soul Love
Lynda Waterhouse
When Jenna meets
Gabriel, it feels like she
might have finally met her
soul mate. But he's harbouring a deep secret
that's hard to share . . .


A new home, and a
new life for two sisters determined to reinvent themselves. But what happens when the past catches up with them?


In Love

Kate le Vann

The summer Tessa
falls in love with Wolfie, everything changes
for her.
A heartwrenching,
uplifting tale of true love.


After years of illness,
Livia's off to spend the summer in the US – and meets Adam.
Can Livia put the past
behind her and risk falling
in love again?
A heartwrenching,
uplifting tale of true love.


Susan Waggoner

In a future London,
Zee falls in love with David,
an alien now living on Earth.
But their love puts them
in danger, and David is hiding something more incredible
than Zee can imagine.
Just how much can
love endure?


Trust Games
Simon Packham
A new teacher causes
all sorts of tensions at
Beth's school, and
forces her to make hard
choices with unexpected
True to life, witty and



Teen life from
the different points
of view of five friends –
full of glamour, love,
family drama,
and opportunities!

Best friends Samantha and Rachel are spending the holidays with two French families. With new friends, new boys, and new tensions…will their
friendship survive this turbulent summer?



Liz Bankes
Gabi's summer job
as a runner on her
favourite TV show is the perfect way to forget
The Big Break-Up . . .
but is Spencer the right
guy to do it with?


Liz Bankes
Rosie's spending the
summer with her boyfriend
in his new uni house . . .
but has to contend with
man-eater Cleo also
living there.
Is love stronger than


Worst of Me

Kate le Vann
Cassidy loves being
with sophisticated
Jonah, but troubling
rumours lead her to
question if she really
knows him at all.