Don't Panic, Annika!

A fabulous story about staying calm.

Annika is a panicker.When she can’t find her toy
Moose, or when her zip gets stuck, her first response
is to panic.
Her family teach her to stop, relax and think in order
to solve each crisis.
But when she gets locked in the house, with the only
keys out of reach, it’s Annika who manages to solve
the problem by herself.

Age Group: 2 plus / Extent: 32 pages / Format: 278 x 218 mm /
ISBN: 978 185340 113 3 (hb) - Price: £11.99 / ISBN: 978 1 81812 112 6 (pb) - Price: £5.99


Titles by
Juliet Clare Bell

Titles by
Jennifer Morris

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