Wilbie Finds a Friend

It was the beginning of the holidays and Wilbie was very excited. He was going to play football. He was going toplay it all the time.

Wilbie loves football, but there is only one problem – his garden is small and he’s always kicking the ball over the fence into the neighbour’s garden. Luckily the ball is always returned. But then one day it doesn’t come back.Wilbie has to go next door to get his balland finds a friend where he least expects . . .

WIlbie discovers that the elderly rabbit next door shares his passion for football, and has a lot of amazing mementos that Wilbie never dreamed he'd get to see - soon he is going round to visit on purpose!

'Sally Chambers is a gifted author/illustrator creating brilliantly expressive characters who capture the imaginationof young children.'
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Age Group: 2 plus / Extent: 32 pages / Format: 260 x 200 mm /
ISBN: 978 1 85340 764 0 (pb) - Price: £5.99


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