Little Rex and the Big Roar

Sometimes you have to think big!

Rex liked to show his pointiest of pointy teeth and waggle his sharpest of sharp claws, but most of all Rex liked to ROAR!
His baby brothers and sister love the noise.
His mum and dad hate it!
“Too loud,” they keep saying.

But when it's up to Rex to scare a pterodactyl away from the babies, to save them, he realises sometimes a big roar is just what’s needed!

A great tale of family and fun to join in with!


Praise for Little Rex:

'Wonderful, glowing pictures with lots of little creatures and a lush jungle atmosphere, as well as the dinosaurs in every conceivable colour pattern, make this great fun.'

Books for Keeps

'There is nothing at all scary about Julian’s marshmallowy, anthropomorphized dinosaurs, especially beady-eyed little Rex.
The bright colours, large spreads and dinosaur theme have appeal for the target audience.'
Kirkus Reviews US

'The writer and illustrator really understand their young target audience who will identify with Little Rex, his frustrations and triumphs.'
Books for Keeps

Age Group: 2 plus / Extent: 32 pages / Format: 278 x 218 mm /
ISBN: 978 1 84812 089 1 (pb) - Price: £11.99 / ISBN: 978 1 84812 088 4 (pb) - Price: £6.99



Titles by
Ruth Symes,
Illustrated by
Sean Julian