Tessa In Love

Wolfie was totally scruffy…and totally sexy. It wasn't love at first sight, because I'd been aware of him for years and just hadn't noticed before. It was like really seeing someone for the first time. Then he waved me over! I looked behind me to make sure he wasn't beckoning to somebody else.
     He laughed, and mouthed, 'Yes, you.'
     I pulled my skirt down as far as it would go and rubbed a bit of leaf over my trainers to make them seem beaten up, then made my way over - but on the way, I slightly forgot to how to walk. I was taking insanely big steps…'

Tessa has always been 'the quiet one', while her best friend, Matty, is outgoing and constantly has boys flocking around her. But when Tessa falls in love for the first time at sixteen, everything changes. Tessa finds a soulmate in Wolfie, a committed green activist, and she grows more confident and outspoken every day. She also begins to look at the world differently…

But just when their love is at its strongest, tragedy strikes. How will she ever be able to cope?

"Had be living with the characters, laughing with them, changing the world with them, and if I dare admit it, crying with them. A fabulous story I couldn't put it down."
Wendy Cooling, Reviewer and Children's Book consultant

"The developing attraction between Wolfie and Tessa is handled with a rare grace and ranks as one of the finest evocations of young love I have read – subtle, delicate, and utterly moving. A fine piece of writing which will help, guide and absorb anyone who has experienced love and loss."
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"This presses all the right buttons for laughter and tears, while reassuring teens that it's OK to be who you are."
Daily Mail


Age Group: 11 plus / Extent: 192 pages / Format: 198 x 129 mm / ISBN: 978 1 84812 999 8 (pb) / Price: £6.99



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