Beatrix the Bold and the Riddletown Dragon

Simon Mockler

"An enchanting series full of humour and heart and silliness - featuring bold and brilliant young heroine Beatrix and her sidekicks Wilfred the Wise, Oi the Boy and Dog the Dog"

A gloriously funny and anarchic series full of wizards, queens and more than a little mud

Perfect for fans of Andy Stanton, Danny Wallace and Roald Dahl

Beatrix the Bold is a queen. A very bold queen. And she's also only ten years old. But that's never stopped her from doing anything before, and it's not going to stop her now. She's already averted her own kidnapping and fought off an Evil Army. Now she needs to find her long-lost parents, and fend off her villainous aunt Esmerelda. She just has to cross a vast kingdom to get there and save a bunch of children from deadly peril while confronting a terrifying dragon … Easy, right? But when you're Beatrix the Bold and you've got Oi the Boy, Dog the Dog and Wilfred the Wise by your side, you can do anything . . .

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Publication Date: 05/09/2019
ISBN Ebook: 9781848127685
ISBN Paperback: 9601

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Simon Mockler studied art at Camberwell Art College and Modern Languages at Cambridge. He has worked as an artist, musician, teacher and civil servant and now works as a consumer law and advertising specialist. He lives in South London with his wife and two children, who keep asking him what he wants to be when he grows up. BEATRIX THE BOLD is his debut novel.