Blue Moon Ballet

Lynda Waterhouse

"A delightful blend of dancing, mystery and magical creatures"

A delightful blend of dancing, mystery and magical creatures.

Cassie can’t wait to return to Sandringham Dance School – she’s been missing her friends and the dance lessons she’s come to adore. What’s more, the sand dancers will be performing the very rare Blue Moon Ballet to all the other sand sprites.

But the term turns out to be full of intrigue and mystery. Why is the new teacher, Miss Bluegrass, behaving so strangely? Who is the surf boy who is always plying Cassie and her friends with questions? Are everyone’s fears about the sand sprites’ enemy, the Prince of Tides, true? And will Cassie find out anything more about her missing mother?

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Publication Date: Fri 23 Apr 2010
ISBN Paperback: 9781848120655