Fifty Fifty

S. L. Powell

"Is one life worth more than another? Gil must decide"

Is one life worth more than another? Gil must decide.

Gil’s explosive relationship with his scientist father is brought to crisis point when he gets involved with Jude, a charismatic animal rights campaigner who is targeting his dad.

At first, Gil, aged thirteen, relishes the chance to take a stand against his father, but he finds himself facing a devastating dilemma when he learns that his mother is a possible carrier for a terrible brain disease, and his dad’s animal research could save her life.

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Publication Date: Mon 20 Dec 2010
ISBN Ebook: 9781848121843
ISBN Paperback: 9781848121232

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About S. L. Powell

S. L. Powell was born in 1960 in Shetland. By the age of seven she had moved to the Isle of Wight (via Somerset, Norfolk, Dorset, Australia and Dumfries), where she lived until she was grown up. She lived on boats for many years, but currently lives in a house in Oxford with her husband and daughter. She now combines writing with a part-time job as an administrator for a charity (which is a lot more interesting than it sounds). Follow her at