My Hamster's Got Talent

Dave Lowe

"Surely a talking hamster must win the prize for 'Most Talented Pet'?"

Surely a talking hamster must win the prize for 'Most Talented Pet'?

But how can Ben enter without giving away the secret? Skateboarding offers a route to success, but events take a turn for the worse when Stinky goes missing. Never mind the competition, Ben wants his best friend back.

MY HAMSTER IS A GENIUS was shortlisted for the Sheffield Children's Book Award 2013

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Publication Date: 18/10/2018
ISBN Ebook: 9781848127135
ISBN Paperback: 1159

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About Dave Lowe

Dave Lowe grew up in Dudley in the West Midlands, and now lives in Brisbane, Australia, with his wife and two daughters. He spends his days writing books, drinking lots of tea, and treading on Lego that his daughters have left lying around. Dave's STINKY AND JINKS books follow the adventures of a nine-year-old boy called Ben, and Stinky, Ben's genius pet hamster. (When Dave was younger, he had a pet hamster too. Unlike Stinky, however, Dave's hamster didn't often help him with his homework.) Find Dave online at @daveloweauthor or