Neptune's Tears

Susan Waggoner

"How far would you go for the person you love?"

It's 2218 and Zee McAdams is in her second year as a healing empath at a busy London hospital. When a mysterious young man becomes her patient, Zee's hard-won calm is pierced. Her attraction is complicated by the fact that David Sutton is an alien, a group whose presence – and purpose – on Earth is deeply mistrusted. When London and other cities experience a wave of anarchist attacks, Zee and David are brought even closer together. The more time Zee spends with David, the more she likes him – and the more questions she has. Even as their relationship deepens, Zee knows that David is still hiding something from her.

Will Zee have the courage to follow her heart, no matter where it takes her?

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Publication Date: 28/09/2012