The Lair of Dr MacDeth

Adam Britten

"Meet Dynamo Boy, the sidekick who does all the saving, without any of the credit!"

Super-mum, aka Ms Victory, decides her super-powered family needs to get away from all the saving-the-world stuff for a while and spend some quality time together. A weekend in Scotland seems perfect, but on their way there they are attacked and captured!

The family is taken to a creepy castle owned by mad scientist Dr Alistair MacDeth, who's been combining humans and animals to create super-humans! These experiments have gone horribly wrong and he needs a few spare body parts to repair the damage – and now he has the perfect source . . .

With their parents unconscious on the operating table, it's up to Dynamic Boy and Moon Girl to save them before Dr MacDeth gets to work!

The fourth stand-alone book in this brilliant series!

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Publication Date: 06/02/2014