Tree Trouble

Kathryn Lamb

"It's cool to be green!"

It’s cool to be green!

Eco-worriers, Evie and Lola, are very, very concerned at the state of the planet.

In their efforts to raise awareness at their hugely wasteful school, they decide to raise money for reforestation in Africa by putting on a talent show.

But then their chief supporter, the popular new drama teacher, falls ill. No one turns up to the auditions, their efforts to persuade people it’s cool to be green backfire dramatically, and the class bullies do their best to thwart their plans.

It’s a disaster! What can they do?

The second book in this funny, topical series.

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Publication Date: Mon 20 Dec 2010
ISBN Paperback: 9781853409516

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About Kathryn Lamb

Kathryn Lamb lives "quietly" in Gillingham, Dorset, with her six children and five cats. She also has five grandchildren. She was born and brought up in the Middle East where her parents worked for the foreign office.

She has drawn cartoons for Private Eye. Kathryn has also had cartoons in the Radio Times, Daily Telegraph, Times, Oldie, Guardian and Spectator. As her name is Lamb she's done a lot of sheep cartoons (such as Baa from the Madding Crowd) and has had several exhibitions and two books of sheep cartoons published. Her cartoons are sold in the Cartoon Gallery, London.

Kathryn has written and illustrated numerous books including the ALEX and BEST MATES FOREVER series for teenagers. Follow Kathryn on Twitter: @KJLambcartoons