Let's Talk Love! Our Valentine's Day Picks

Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, we couldn’t resist going through the Piccadilly backlist to give you a lovely selection of teen stories with a romantic theme. Enjoy!


First up, we have NEPTUNE’S TEARS, a futuristic love story that follows Zee McAdams, a healing empath at a busy hospital where she meets (and falls in love with) David Sutton. Her attraction is complicated by the fact that he is an alien, a group whose presence – and purpose – on Earth is deeply mistrusted. But the more time she spends with him, the more she’s drawn to him. Will she have the courage to follow her heart, no matter where it takes her?


If you’re looking for a heart- wrenching and beautifully told tale, TESSA IN LOVE by Kate Le Vann will be right up your street. Tessa, a quiet sixteen year old girl, finds a soulmate in scruffy green activist Wolfie. But just when their love is at its strongest, tragedy strikes. Keep a box of tissues handy for this ‘un!

Another one that will definitely pull at the heartstrings is the aptly titled SHADES OF LOVE featuring three irresistible love stories in one. Warm, witty and insightful, what more could you ask for?

For a lighter read, may we recommend MATES, DATES AND FLIRTING by Cathy Hopkins. The girls from the popular MATES, DATES series: Izzie, Nesta, TJ and Lucy, have rallied together to give you the real ‘low-down’ on how to get that boy. Perfect for bagging the boy of your dreams or just to have fun being fabulously flirty!

Hollywood comes to town in the hilarious STYLE SISTERS: CALIFORNIA CRUSH by Liz Elwes, featuring Carrie, left behind in dreary England whilst her friends holiday in exotic locations. But when she discovers Hollywood teen star Gregg Madison is in town, things really start to look up!

Did any of these pique your interests? Let us know what your favourite swoon-worthy teen book is!

Published 11 Feb 2015