The Piccadilly Pyramid

Meet the Piccadilly Pyramid! It can be difficult to find the right book to fit the right reader, and we’re trying to make the process a bit more fun. Inspired by our sister company Hot Key Books’ Key Ring, we’ve created the Piccadilly Pyramid.

On the back of all Piccadilly books you will find a colourful graphic that will show you what you can find inside. Whether it’s funny, adventurous or scary, it will make picking the perfect book a lot easier.

Here is an example from PETBOTS: THE PET FACTOR by Judy brown, which contains pets, gadgets and mystery!Movie Rings (2017)



What’s our favourite pyramid label we’ve used so far? It has to be cyanide, which was used for THE SCANDALOUS SISTERHOOD OF PRICKWILLOW PLACE  by Jullie Berry.



Have you spotted a Piccadilly Pyramid in the wild yet? And how would you describe your favourite book in 3 words/phrases? Let us know in a comment or on Twitter @PiccadillyPress.

Published 22 Jan 2015